Heathrow Airport is one of the UK’s major International airports and as such the travel links and connections are excellent. If you are staying in central London, the Paddington Express which regularly serves Heathrow and leaves from Paddington station is an efficient and fast way to reach the airport. This is a particularly useful service for business travellers who are often short of time and need to get to places quickly. If you have a late night flight arriving into Heathrow and want to stay the night there before taking onward transport, one of the Heathrow airport hotels which are in close proximity to both the airport and the Paddington Express Service is the Heathrow Hilton. This hotel is linked to Terminal 4 with a covered walkway. If you are travelling on business, this has first class facilities for business travellers including an Executive Lounge and Business Centre. This is also one of the Heathrow airport hotels which are well adapted for people travelling with children.

Heathrow Airport to Reading can also be easily accessed. Of course, Heathrow Airport can also be accessed by London’s Black taxi service, although the total fare from central London to Heathrow airport will be far more expensive than the tube fare. If you have an early morning flight you may want to stay in one of the Heathrow hotels available in close vicinity of the airport. One of the Heathrow airport hotels which attract a number of return guests who use Heathrow airport frequently is the Heathrow Hilton hotel. Guests like this hotel for many reasons. The hotel houses a great choice of restaurants and also a pleasant bar where you can enjoy a coffee or a drink.

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